Saturday, 20 October 2012

Speednet status update dated 17102012

SpeedNet-UID Status Update:

1) Purpose : To facilitate Post Offices in updating the status as 'RECEIVED' or 'NOT RECEIVED' for the Speed Post UID articles shown as received in UID Reports for that office.

2) Pre-requisites :
  a) .Net Framework 2.0 or higher
  b) Update 6 for SpeedNet Version 3.1.2
  c) Latest SpeedNet Communication (.Net environment)

3) Installation Procedure:

  a) Please run the POSPCC16102012.EXL file using ScriptTool.
      b) Please copy the SpeedNet-UID Status Update.exe file to the EMSClient folder (where SpeedNet Communication.exe exists).
      c) Please create Shortcut of SpeedNet-UID Status Update.exe on Desktop.

4) Operational Procedure :

   a) Login : Use the same Login Credentials of SpeedNet-Operator to Login to this application.

   b) Send Request : Click on "Send Request" button to send a request to Data Centre to get data of undelivered UID Articles above 25 days.
      One request is allowed per day.
    Once "Send Request" is done, this button will remain disabled till next day.
  Run the SpeedNet Communication and wait for receipt of data from Data Centre.

   c) Fetch Data   : When UID Articles data is received from Data Centre, "Fetch Data" button will be enabled.
  Click on "Fetch Data" button to fetch the data received from Data Centre.
  Once "Fetch Data" is done, this button will be disabled.

   d) Status Selection : Pending UID Articles data, if any, will be shown in the Grid View for selection of Operator.
  Select UID article status by selecting 'Received' or 'Not Received' from the dropdown list against each UID articles in Grid View.

  Shortcut keys to select the UID articles status:
  "Tab" key : Select the Grid Cell
  "F8" key   : 'Received'
  "F9" key : 'Not Received'

   e) Report : If any UID Article(s) which are received physically and scanned in SpeedNet are available, a Report will be generated and "Report" button will be enabled.
  Click on "Report" button to export the Report (.txt format).

  Proper returns for the articles shown in the Report should be taken under SpeedNet Operator --> Delivery --> "Returns" or "Remarks From Other Offices" or "Other Office Articles - Delivery Data", as applicable.

  If no UID Articles are available for the Report, "Report" button will be disabled.

   f) Update Data : If any UID Article is pending for status updation, "Update Data" button will be enabled.
  Select the status of each UID Articles shown in the Grid View as explained above at (d).
  Click on "Update Data" button to update the status of the UID Articles at Data Centre.
  If status of all UID Articles is updated, the "Update Data" button will be disabled.
  Run the SpeedNet Communication to transfer the updated data to Data Centre.

Download exe and exl from here Download

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