Sunday, 29 April 2012

Rotational Transfer Guidlines for the year 2012-13 for all cadres except IPS Group 'A'

Directorate has issued orders vide Memo No 141-91/2012-SPB-II dated 2.4.2012 on the above subject.  Employees of all cadres except IPS Group 'A' completing Post Tenure of four years or Station Tenure of six years are to be rotated subject to the following broad principles:-

(i)  Matching of human resource with requirements of posts and placing officials in the choice stations may be considred in the overall context of administrative requirements and austerity measures.

(ii) Inter-station transfers should be restricted to minimum in view of the austerity measures.

(iii) Extension of tenure by one year except in the case of Single Handed Sub Postmasters and employees retiring within one year may be considered for retention by the Head of Circle.

(iv) In respect of Group 'A' officers other than that of Indian Postal Service, Group 'A', officers, who have completed four years in a particular post or six years at a particular station may be invariably rotated, especially, if the post occupied by them is sensitive in nature.  Their transfers should be linked with their performance and requirements of the posts to be filled up.

(v) If extention is required for such Group 'A' officers, the proposal of extension may be referred to the Directorate.

(vi) Rotational Transfer of SBCO staff will be made within the cluster of Divisions and only in exceptional circumstances, DPS (HQ) in consultation with AO ICO (SB) may consider movement of SBCO offcials outside the cluster.

(vii) The Rotational Transfer Guidlines should be made applicable to all cadres as indicated above including Stenographers/Private Secretaries and MMS.

(viii) Instructions issued by Vigilance Division of the Department regarding transfer/posting relating to sensitive posts will hold good without any change


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