Tuesday, 1 January 2013

update 5 to Meghdoot 7.0

Update 5.0 to Meghdoot 7.0 released on 31.12.2012. The update indent for NREGS module. the same can be downloaded from following ftp address ftp://ftp.ptcinfo.org/Meghdoot7/Updates/Update-5(NREG)/ 

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Upgradation procedure for NREG in c/w eMO Client
  • ·        Ensure that your emo database is already upgraded with version 7 update 3. 
  •      In offices having Sanchay post latest version installed and NREGAEMO database is available, please upgrade the same with NREGAEMO script provided.
  • ·        Stop eMO client exe if running. Replace existing eMOclient.exe available in eMO client installation path with new eMO client exe provided in upgradation.
  • ·        For the first time, when you run new eMO client exe, it will prompt to enter Sanchay post server details 

  • ·        Enter Sanchay post server name if Sanchay Post server is available in that office else select not available and click on OK.

  • Your system will now be ready for receipt of Sanchay post related files through eMO client from central server if server details were provided.

  • For adding Sanchay post codes, option is available in Divisional administrator web login of eMO. Reports regarding NREG are available under Reports menu.

  • Please select the eMO Office Name and update Sanchay post code used for that PO.

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