Tuesday, 8 May 2012

SpeedNet_3.1.2(15122011) Patch-4 dated 07/05/2012 :

SpeedNet_3.1.2(15122011)  Patch-4 dated 07/05/2012 :

Patch 4 is released for AMPC Delhi and Kolkatta Offices

This patch wil enable the close bag with EBX series for AMPC delhi and EBY for AMPC Kolkata

Patch-4 Release for Speednet_3.1.2_15122011 release - contains 2 folders.

1. SpeedNet3.1.2_15122011_DBScript_07052012_Patch4
2. SpeedNet3.1.2_15122011_Dlls_07052012_Patch4


Speednet 3.1.2 should have been upgraded with the latest rlease of SpeedNet on 15/12/2011
   ( ftp://ftp.ptcinfo.org/SpeedNet/speednet3.1.2_15122011/)

Those who are using speednet3.1.2_15122011 but not used the Patch2 or 3, can directly upgrade with Patch4

I: Upgrade the DB first with DBscript file.

1. Take Full Backup of POSPCC DB

2. Execute the DB Script through Script Tool.exe.  

3. On Successful upgradation of DB, go to Step II.

II. Now copy the Dlls, SNT and EXE:

1. Copy all the Dlls , SNT and the Exe file from the folder and copy the same 
   into C:\Program Files\SpeedNet folder ( default installation folder) 

2. Register all the Dlls. 

3. Execute the BNPLDataCorrection.exe file which is already there in SpeedNet folder. 

Now you may please run speedNet and confirm successful login.

Problems if any may please be emailed to support@ceptmysore.net with Subject as 
SpeedNet AMPC Patch-4 

Dowload from following Link  ftp://ftp.ptcinfo.org/SpeedNet/AMPC_Delhi_Kolkatta/

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